A great Recipe Collection by Duger

FREE RECIPES on CD sampler, including

Data Base Program.

Your  cost for the sampler is only $ 3.99 for the shipping, the rest is FREE. Order Sampler Here

The full version is only $ 19.99 and includes FREE shipping. Order Full Version Here

Included are 5 Free Recipes by Duger, The Access Data Base ( RECIPES COLLECTOR) and the CD. The recipe collection is in the form of web pages so that anyone with a web browser can view them. The RECIPES COLLECTOR does require that you have Access97 or Access 2000 installed on your computer.  Click to see a sample recipe

View Screen Shots of Recipes Collector

The full version contains over 500 recipes including 200 original recipes by Duger. The full version is only $ 19.99 including shipping. Click Here to order the full version. You will be pleased with all the Great recipes included. Duger has won many awards for his prize winning Chili and BBQ recipes. As a added value, you can enter your own recipes into the "Recipes Collector" and email the database in a zip file to me and I will add your recipes to the recipe collection in the form of web pages and email them back to you. This is included in the price of the full Version, once only for free. If you would like it done again the cost is $10.00 each time. I also can customize the title, the music or the graphics for you too at an additional cost.

Click to see a list of all recipes in the full version


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