Duger's   Tuna Topper

Suprise Taste - Appetizer 

2 cans  Tuna in water, very well drained
1 can Water Chestnuts Sliced, then diced em
1 Cup Salsa, drain excess liquid off with a strainer
Dugers Salsa is the best! see recipe 
1 Loaf  Rye Bread, thin sliced cocktail size.
1 container Cream Cheese Spread, Onion Garlic
1/4 Cup  Mayo
1 TSP Worcestershire Sauce


In a bowl stir together tuna, water chestnuts, salsa, mayo and Worcestershire sauce  and salt to taste.  Chill and its ready to serve.


You can spread the cream cheese on the bread or just place on the serving tray along with the tuna topper and the bread. Be sure to tell your guests to spread the bread then add the tuna topper.

Serves 8 to 12

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