Outlook Express Spam Filtering

Spam Filtering for Outlook Express

This spam filter will take most of your junk emails, move it to a specified email folder (ie. Spam Inbox) or directly to the Trash Bin. You can also specify certain key words for the spam filter to process, and also block email addresses.

Step-by-step Instructions

  • In Outlook Express, go to TOOLS, MESSAGE RULES, and MAIL.
  • Under the MAIL RULES tab, click NEW.
  • In box #1, select the Condition - Where the message body contains specific words.
  • In box #2, select the Action - Move it to the specified folder.
  • In box #3 Rule Description, click on - contains specified words - and enter such as the following: (for each word or phrase, click ADD)
mailing list
no obligation
this is not spam
mailing list
remo ve in the subject line
remove in the subject line
all rights reserved
limited time offer
write in subject line
any future mailing
not mlm
web cam
get a free
life insurance
removed from future mailing
if you wish to be removed
remove yourself
remove me
reply with
stop future mailing
to be removed
write remove in the subject line
reply to this message
follow the link
very low-cost
be a millionaire
please read the following
click this link
affiliate program
referring url
offer only available
trial offer
sign up today
REMOVE in the subject line
unsubscribe in the subject line

[add other words and phrases you find offensive]

  • Click OK when finished.
  • In box #3 Rule Description, click on specified folder.

Choose either option 1 or option 2:

  • Option 1: Choose the Deleted Items folder (if you want spam to go directly to trash).
  • Option 2: Create a New Folder (call it something like Spam Folder, and click OK).
  • Click OK.
  • In box #4 Name of the rule, enter a name for the filter (ie. Spam Discard)
  • Click OK.
  • You can add as many types of filters as you want. Click OK to finish.

Important: For the first few times, check the results of the filter by going into the Deleted Items folder or wherever your Spam Folder is located. See the instructions below on Modify The Filter if you need to make change.

Modify the Filter

  • In Outlook Express, go to TOOLS, MESSAGE RULES, and MAIL.
  • Highlight the Filter you wish to edit, and select MODIFY. (or double click the Filter)
  • Edit the words and phrases, by clicking the underlined words in #3 Rule Description.
  • To remove a word or phrase, simply highlight it and click REMOVE.
  • To add a word or phrase, simply type it in and click ADD.
  • Click OK to finish.
  • If you need to edit the other fields, do so now. Click OK when finished.
  • Repeat steps 1 to 6, for every Filter you wish to edit. Click OK to close Message Rules window.

Blocking Email Addresses and Domain Names

  • In Outlook Express, go to TOOLS, MESSAGE RULES, and MAIL.
  • Under the BLOCKED SENDERS tab, click ADD.
  • Enter the email address or domain name you wish to block, and click OK.
  • To remove an email address, simply highlight and click REMOVE.
  • To modify an existing blocked email address, simply highlight and click MODIFY.
  • Click OK to finish.


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